Changing Times Podcast Season 3 Episode 1 Featuring LoboLeo

October 28th, 2020





Almost 3 years later, we've finally reached Season 3.  I'll save the long story for a journal or personal blog entry, but short version is there's been a lot of personal-related matters that have occurred including having a complete move from East coast to West Coast mid-2018 and a couple job changes, as well as of course my work related to being the Composer for Changeling Tale.


But that aside, I'm glad we are back!  And to start the new season with a bang, I contacted Loboleo recently again after initially reaching him in the later parts of Season 2 for a possible future episode, and and very excited and thankful that he accepted the offer to officially feature on the podcast!


So without further ado, please enjoy hearing from the legend himself, both his works, history in transformation, and more!




To find more of LoboLeo's works you can find his more frequent work on Patreon:





For his older works, you may find them on his personal website:




You can also follow LoboLeo on his personal Twitter!



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