Changing Times Transformation Podcast Season 2 Finale Pt. 1 w/ Cobalt K, Pesimist, Cataena, Arania, and TheNomeKing

June 27th, 2017

It's finally here!!

We have reached the finale for Season 2 of the "Changing Times" and I'm quite proud of how far we've gotten and the amazing people I and melliflox have met.

For this episode we recorded live in the "Transformation!" with a live audience (via voice channel)! We have asked previous participants arania, cataena, pesimist, thenomeking, and cobalt_K to talk about all things TF such as TF in games, why we like TF, and the impact of pay for service sites like Patreon!  

Then we segued into the Q & A session with questionnaires provided by the "Transformation!" Discord! Thank you to all for your provided questions!

And of course thank you to the mods and admins of the "Transformation!" Discord for allowing our time and slot on their discord to provide for this episode, both for recording and the live session that this took part in, especially to Rarden for assisting in setup and planning months ahead of time.

This is Part 1 of a 3 parter due to the sheer amount of podcasters we had for Season 2, so the other parts will be up soon!

And of course Thank you to all our listeners for supporting us thus far and stay tuned for Season 3!

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