Changing Times Transformation Podcast Season 2 Episode 6 Part 1 W/ LycanDope and FakeMan

July 6th, 2015

Hey guys and gals!

In this episode, we're focusing more into the literature aspect of the community.  I've had some writers on the podcast before, but the topics at hand were a bit more generalized compared to this one.  This time, I dig a little deeper into this area to hear it straight from the horse's (or horses') mouth about the perspective and experience from the other side of the spectrum.

And what better than to have two veteran and awesome writers




***Also I apologize for the buzzing at some points, it would seem the recording or my equipment has some faults during the recording without my noticing.***

Was great to have them and hope you enjoy!


Thank you again and stay tuned for the rest of Season 2!


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