Changing Times Transformation Podcast Season 2 Episode 5 Part 1 w/ UrbanVixen and Jowgenetsu

June 20th, 2015

It's that time again!

Been a busy couple of weeks and this episode has been lying dormant since the original recording to be posted.  And I've finally managed to blow the dust off the tape to put it into action!

This time around we have two awesome people from the UK!  We have foxydragon and jowgenetsu with us for this episode to share their experience with transformation and how the tf community is in their minds as well as how it is treated in their own culture.

FoxyDragon (A.K.A. UrbanVixen) also has the TF Clinic that she hosts on an independent site that allows patreons and donators to pick what sort of TF's she will entail!  

Check it out at

As for this episode's banner featured artists we have:

(Left panel doe tf): comicTF

(middle panel dog tf): WhiteflameK

(right panel minotaur): Janexas (A.K.A. Janexas on DA) featuring k-libra as the minotaur and Caturnalia as a dragonfly fairy

(Naga TF near Title): foxydragon

And again, if you have any artists you would like to have featured on the banner, please let me know!

And as always, as stated in the episode, and all episodes for that matter, if you have any recommendations for podcasters or advice for the podcast in general, please let me know here on FA, DA, or email me at

Thank you!  And enjoy!

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