Changing Times Transformation Podcast Season 2 Episode 4 Part 1 w/ Arania and FullMoonMaster

June 20th, 2015

As a bit of a start, I'd like to introduce the official banner for the podcast as well as the official logo which can be seen to the left of the "Changing Times" text.  I will post a separate piece explaining the origin of the logo at some point in time.  

But as far as the banner goes, there will be up to four artists that will be featured on the banner from episode to episode to help promote new and old within the community.  So if you have any recommendations, throw em at me!

As for the showcased on this current banner:

First panel (far left): watsup

Center Panel: k-libra

Third Panel (far right): splice

Fourth (float next to title): arania
***All Permissions for art re-post granted by artist consent***


On to the episode!

This time around, we have gotten our first podcast comeback, and one not too far in the season!  We have brought the awesome and pleasant :iconarania: back with us to talk more in-depth about her collaborations with FullMoonMaster and the sort of work involved in a collaboration.  Following later on in the episode, we have a bit of fun with some trivia questions!

You can find arania's work and commission info at:

And any collaborations FullMoonMaster has put out on his devart page:

Listen in and enjoy!

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