Changing Times Podcast Season 3 Episode 2 with Mice Tea

November 22nd, 2020

Hey guys!


Bringing you another episode for season 3 of the podcast, and this time, we're gonna dive a bit more into the world of Visual Novels.  Visual Novels are increasingly becoming a popular medium of visual, story-telling, world building, and "decision-making" based game mechanics.  So we wanted to talk with the Cinnamon Switch Development team behind the upcoming "Mice Tea" Visual Novel to discuss their experience with it, opinions about visual novels, how they started, and of course, the transformation!


As always, hope you enjoy the episode!




If you would like to support or follow the latest news and updates on Mice Tea, you may visit their Patreon page:



To play a FREE public demo build of the game, visit the page:


Mice Tea Public Demo

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