Changing Times Transformation Podcast Season 2 Episode 10 with Cataena and TwinTigers

December 30th, 2016

Oh my, how long it's been since I've posted.  I don't think any apology can amount to the shame involved in the large gap between the last episode.  But I guess as we all say, when life gets in the way you try to roll with the punches.

But I am glad to have gotten around to finally posting this episode.  This actually was recording towards the middle of this year and I just hadn't gotten around to editing it for posting.  

So hazzah!  Here it is.


So this episode was a bit more on the controversial side of things, which is one of the things I wanted to tackle this season.  It has been briefly referenced on previous episodes but this one will go more into detail into the roles of women involved in transformation.  And usually you would hear the opinions from the male counterpart so I thought it'd be great to see how our women feel about, well, our women in transformations!

And I'm glad to have had the opportunity to have these two fine ladies Cataena and Twin Tigers join into share their opinions!

Hope you enjoy the episode!


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