About Changing Times

The Changing Times is a transformation based podcast started in December 2013 originally on www.furaffinity.net as a project to create a more sociable atmosphere for transformation enthusiasts.  This includes those that find quality in classic and modern films, cartoons, books, comics, video games, and more!  In this podcast, we discuss our experiences with the fandom as we have grown to be accustomed to it over time as well as how this might be viewed in the real world and how our perspectives for an underground niche have changed because of it. The podcast welcomes various artists, writers, fanatics, and other forms of contributions to participate and share their own experiences, opinions, and even advise to those who lend an ear.

The goal of this podcast is to bring the transformation community together, as well as share our interests for those who are unaware of the community or may have similar interests.  By doing so, the podcast enables the community and the outside world to get closer to a more comprehensive understanding of how we think of not only the topic at hand, but of what we as a community, and as individuals, think of of each other and as a whole.

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